Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pierogi + Chess = Fun -- Polish Fest Chess

Grandmaster Joshua Friedel(USCF: 2612), will be one of the many strong players giving a simultaneous exhibition at Polish Fest. This festival will answer one of the most important questions for those who have not made it to master yet. What can you do to give you that extra edge? Eat pierogi, ummmmmmm, yum pierogi. For those of you that do not know, Wisconsin's Polish Fest is the largest Polish Festival in the country. It will run from June 19th-21th at the Henry W. Maier Festival Park; more info:

Some of the Masters include:

Grandmaster: Joshua Friedel-- USCF: 2612 -- Saturday 6 pm - 11 pm

Senior Master Dave Penkalski-- USCF: 2414 -- Sunday 1 pm - 6 pm

National Master Sheldon Gelbart-- USCF: 2316 -- ?

National Master Erik Santarius-- USCF: 2301 -- Friday 6 pm - 11 pm

National Master Ashish Vaja-- USCF: 2249 -- Friday 1 pm - 6 pm

National Master Bill Williams-- USCF: 2200 -- Saturday morning shift

On a side note GM Friedel is here for the Chess Camp being run by VICA and Wisconsin Chess Academy. The staff of the camp includes: GM Friedel, GM Serper, FM Betaneli, NM Santarius, NM Vaja, Candidate Master Kane, and Candidate Master Richards. The official count for the camp is 42 people, so if you want to join please let us know ASAP as we are almost at capacity.

Take a look at Grandmaster Friedel's victory vs. current US Champion GM Hikaru Nakamura (USCF: 2700+)

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  1. do you have to show up right at 6:00 to play friedel or just sometime between 6-11?

    i'm thinkin about going